MosquitoDB is an on-going project to support proper data management for diverse entomological studies from various experiments, projects, and study sites. The system and associated tools were first developed at Ifakara Health Institute and it was known as Ifakara Entomology Bioinformatics System (IEBS). The published article provides details on the generic schema with detailed explanation on how to use the schema and paper-based data collection forms – the forms are freely available here. MosquitoDB’s web-based application is a secure application that can store, link, facilitate data sharing, and generate summarized reports from field and laboratory mosquito-based data collected/recorded from either paper-or-electronic based data collection forms in standardized formats. The MosquitoDB is now maintained by PAMCA – interested collaborators and funding partners are invited to support the system. MosquitoDB and associated informatics tools are freely available – our team members are also available to provide the required training to interested users such as individual researchers/organizations and/or National Malaria Control/Elimination Programs.

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